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Cause of lung cancer

Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about lung cancer?

The following data comes directly from well-established experts with special knowledge about lung cancer.
Do you know each year the USA is losing its 170,000 citizens mainly due to lung cancer? World census confirms that 3.5 million people per year have been the victims for lung cancer. In most cases, lung cancer can be prevented easily. Even if lung changes start immediately upon exposure to carcinogens, lung cancer may consume years together to develop. The cause of lung cancer depends upon various factors such as smoking, radon exposure, occupational hazard such as exposure to carcinogens - asbestos particles (Mesothelioma). Out of all these reasons, Cigarette smoke, with carcinogens at its high concentration, inhaled by both smokers and nonsmokers is the leading cause of lung cancer.

More than 87% of lung cancer sufferers confirm that the cause of lung cancer is tobacco smoking and for the rest, the cause of lung cancer is environmental exposure to tobacco smoke. The other causes of lung cancer include exposure to the cancer-causing agent in the workplace and a family or personal history of lung cancer.

Of late, scientists have found how these causes of lung cancer modify the DNA of cells in the lungs. The DNA, genetic material usually carries the instruction to the cells what they should do. The main genetic cause of lung cancer is that due to DNA mutations that either activate oncogenes (Genes that promote cell division) or inactivates tumor suppressor genes (Genes that Cell division is the reason to die slow or in proper time). Due to the DNA mutation, there may be a proliferation of cells, which is uncontrollable and finally lead to lung cancer.

Sometimes this mutation of DNA may be inherited during one’s lifetime and may act as a cause of lung cancer, which is very rare. Some individuals are having the low capability to nullify the effect of certain types of cancer-causing chemicals and this may perform as a cause of lung cancer.

Do you know asbestos workers are 7 times more likely to go for a victim to lung cancer? An important cause of lung cancer apart from tobacco smoking is exposure to asbestos fiber. The asbestos workers are at lung cancer risk of 50 to 90 times greater than that of the common man. The greater the risk of developing lung cancer starts from the pleura irrespective of smokers and non-smokers. Nowadays the government totally stopped the usage of asbestos in industrial and commercial products.

Radon, radioactive gas is produced in the natural process of uranium breakdown. The indoor radon is more risk than outdoor radon. Hence the houses built on uranium-rich soil developed a high rate of indoor radon, which is the main cause of lung cancer in that area.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of lung cancer. What you learn can give you confidence in the new area.

 There are other carcinogens present in the workplace act as the main cause of lung cancer. The causes of lung cancer include fuels such as gasoline, diesel exhaust, mustard gas, inhaled minerals or chemicals such as arsenic, vinyl chloride, coal products, beryllium, nickel chromates, etc.,

Marijuana is considered to be one of the causes of lung cancer. The percentage of tar in marijuana is more than cigarettes. Marijuana has been inhaled deeply and kept in the lungs for a long time and contains tumor-causing substances as like that of tobacco. Marijuana is not only causing lung cancer but also throat and mouth cancer.

Although there are numerous reasons for lung cancer, tobacco smoking is considered to be the primary cause of lung cancer. Hence quit smoking is considered to be the best treatment for eliminating the cause of lung cancer.

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