Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fast Weight Loss Exercises

Fast Weight Loss Exercises
Fast Weight Loss Exercises

Here are 2 fast weight loss exercises that’ll allow you to lose 5 pounds fast. They’re simple, quick to do, and unbelievably effective for losing weight.

1. 1-5 Minute Hindu Squats

First off… hindu squats aren’t a true muscle building exercise. So do not think you'll get bigger footsteps from this. If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight fast and get lean legs, it’s the perfect exercise for you.

You can do these at home. There aren’t any weights to use. Just your body.

Keys to the exercise… speed (go fast) and touch your fingers to the ground (do this for each squat because this shows you went down deep enough). Another key… average a minimum of 20 repetitions for each minute of work.

So if you decide to do these for 1 minute at a time to start, be sure you get at least 20 repetitions before you move up to 2 or more minutes.

Your ideal goal is to reach at least 100 squats in 5 minutes… NONSTOP (or with very quick and short 10 second breaks after every 15-20 squats).

Get ready for some quick changes to your body once you’re doing at least 5 minutes of Hindu squats a day!

2. Mini-trampoline jumping for cardio

Fast Weight Loss Exercises
Fast Weight Loss Exercises

If you want my secret on how I can work out so much without it seeming like I workout at all… I jump on my mini-trampoline during tv commercials. Again, short mini-sessions of 1-2 minutes at a time.

I don’t have to schedule a long 1-hour workout at all… or even have to leave my house. I can easily get in 40 minutes of mini-trampoline jumping done in 2 hours of watching tv… just using the commercial time.

You can choose how you incorporate this and for how long, but at least get in 20 minutes a day.

These 2 fast weight loss exercises will help you to lose 5 pounds fast if you truly are motivated to lose weight.

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