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Growing Hair 5 Natural Ways

Growing Hair  5 Natural Ways
Growing Hair  5 Natural Ways

Are hair loss and receding hairlines making you worried?  Just a few tips could work perfectly in such cases. Natural ways are the best; however, you may consider other scientifically researched and proven methods too.

Growing Hair

Some natural means to always bear in mind and to keep on practicing are:

Diet for reducing Hair Loss

There are quite a few foods that promote hair growth and among them, major are vitamin B, protein, vitamin C and iron.

Foods that contain ω−3 fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acids (and also omega-6) keep your hair healthy. Fish, such as fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, and sardines carry these elements abundantly.

The hair itself is protein-built. Protein-rich food gives your hair a steady growth and reduces hair loss. Vitamin C is another component that excels hair growth.  All citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons that are high in vitamin C, should be taken as much as possible.

Complex B vitamins and biotin are other ingredients that are necessary to grow hair.

Iron is another mineral that works actively in developing the scalp that results in hair growth. Liver, apricots, and raisins contain high iron.

Essential Oils

Growing Hair  5 Natural Ways
Growing Hair  5 Natural Ways

Oils are very effective fertilizers for the scalp that fuels hair growth.  Take a small amount of each one and massage the scalp with them. With your fingers, massage all around your scalp. Do this vigorously and in circular movements. Continue for about 5 minutes. You can apply them and not even worry about side effects or anything harmful to your body.

Scalp Massages

It is very useful to massage the scalp regularly.  This is very good for blood circulation and natural oils scalp production is stimulated.

Minimize Heat

Heat is NOT our friend. Avoid it as much as possible.

If you have to use heat, then always use a heat protector to minimize damage.

Comb and care your hair gently

 Hair should be handled gently and not roughly. Rough handling of hair causes break off and damage of hair. Do not beat up or rub your hair vigorously. Use a soft towel or a piece of cloth to dry your hair after a bath.

Startup with these natural ways today to grow your hair well and healthy! 

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