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Makeup and Skin Care

Makeup and Skin Care
Makeup and Skin Care

It is indeed true that American girls learn how to put on makeup before they learn how to properly take care of their skin. Skin condition matters a lot. If you know your skin you can address your skin problem at much ease. While most of the women target beauty and makeup, many among them ignore skin conditions which if addressed properly could help attain natural beauty.

Makeup and skin care are of critical importance because it boosts up how one looks and promotes career prospects. For most of us, the art of makeup is necessary to hide blackheads and blemishes, while highlighting beauty spots and good features. It is vital that the talks on makeup and skincare should boost up awareness regarding cosmetic use, health issues and customize genuine solutions pertaining to health care and beauty.

Makeup and Skin Care
Makeup and Skin Care


Most of us would like to go straight into tips on look young and feel young. But when it comes to matters to cautiousness there are few people concerned. 

Lifestyle, charm, good looking – all these have a long story if thought slow and steadily. Growing older is a natural process, no one could stop it. However, we could make our growth comfortable by maintaining good health, using health & eco-friendly makeup and properly caring for the skin.

'Make-up and skin care' are generally regarded as women's four. Men sometimes indulge in 'make-up and skin care' Many men take care of their skin but make-up most men are really exotic. Treating makeup and skin care as different topics would not make sense, after all, makeup will work only if the skin is healthy. So how do you work together make-up and skin care? Here are  tips for make-up and skin care:

  • Do not take frantic decisions on makeup and skin care. These two tasks are complementary and should go hand in hand
  • Do not ignore the point of caring for your skin when it comes to the point of makeup. Products having heavy chemicals, allergic and only concerned about makeup should be avoided. Best is if you have the idea of your skin type. With your skin’s better idea you would be able to choose the product that best matches you
  • Check out any new products in a small area of ​​your skin. See if you find any discomfort, irritation or allergic sign. You may test a product in this way for 2/3 days and then decide
  • Many people completely skip the care of the product itself. This makes the product ineffective and old. Do not use a product that has expired. Do not let you cream be exposed to dust and sun
Cleanliness matters a lot in makeup and skin care. This fact applies for hair and nails too. You should spend some bucks even to protect all your things from untidiness.  This leads to a mess up instead of makeup

For any skin disorder, like acne, etc. consult your dermatologist before you use any makeup product. Never try to squeeze pimples/ acne. Keep in mind that make-up and skin care should not conflict with each other

There are women who fall asleep with their makeup on. This could be harmful

When applying a deodorant, make sure to maintain the recommended distance between the nozzle and your skin (as mentioned in the deodorant pack).

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